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Basic information about Zlíntalent

Zlintalent is a national music festival organized for young singers and composers. This festival takes place annually in June. We have enriched it with ineresting accompanying programme as showing musical movies in the summer theatre, gigs of groups at the town square and in clubs since 2001. We have been preparing two separate Gala evenings since 2001 as well- one for the best composers and their songs, second for the most talented singers who passed through the semi-final and training in the recording studio. We wish good luck to everyone in this year´s contest!

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P R A H A : Stránčická 3, 100 00 Praha •  telefon a fax: 274 822 038 •  e-mail: eso_music@esomusic.cz
Z L Í N : Ševcovská 3246, 760 01 Zlín •  tel: a fax: 577 212 015, 577 222 501, fax: 577 222 502  •  e-mail: eso_music@esomusic.cz